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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

13 months

I am just a little behind on posting this but Ava Kate turned 13 months on November 6th.  
Here are some things she is doing at this age:
-She wears mostly 18 months cloths and the shoe size varies.
-I have given up on a hairbow for now...she wont keep them in and they end up in her mouth.
-She now has 4 teeth...two on bottom and two on top and I think she is cutting more now because she hasn't been herself the past couple of days. 
-She sleeps great most of the time.  She takes 1-2 naps a day.  Unfortunatley being the 2nd child and on the go with us, we don't always get that morning nap but she does pretty good when we don't.  She takes a great afternoon nap at the same time as AR from around 1-4 every afternoon.  This is pretty clockwork for the both of them!   And back to bed around 7 for bedtime.  She is doing much better about staying up a little later if we need her to but she is always ready for bed at 7 if we are home.

-She is completely on whole milk sippy cups and has been for a while.  She doesn't always have to have her milk at night before bed anymore but it is a must when she wakes up! She also had her first taste of juice this month.
-She eats anything and everything!  Do NOT leave food sitting out if you don't want her to eat it!  AR is finally starting to get this!!

-She is still not walking a lot but she is taking steps.  She knows she can get places faster if she crawls so that is what she does.
-She loves playing with Anna Riley and they are really starting to do more things together now. 
-She is like a little cat ready to pounce!  She studies and watches whatever she is going to snatch (ie. eyeglasses, ARs hairbow, etc.) and then when she does it she is QUICK! 

-Ava Kate thinks Anna Riley is SO funny!  And Anna Riley eats it up!
-Ava Kate is such a Daddy's girl!!  She squeals and screams everytime she sees him and cries when I take her away from him.  He usually comes home for lunch and when he has to leave, she cries and cries!  I love that she loves him so much...it melts my heart!

-Ava Kate "talks" all the time and has said a few more things this month but has only said them once!
A couple of the ones that stick out were "Ava" and "Hey Sissy!"
-She likes pointing to your nose and mouth.  She can blow kisses and give high five.
-We have been bad and have always made AK sit in the tub bath ring because she was all over the place and it just made bath time easier with the two of them.  But now she can officially climb out of it and then proceeds to climb out of the tub also.  She is my little climber!  She might not be walking yet, but she will climb on anything!

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