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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trick or Treat

Anna Riley had so much fun this year trick or treating!  We went went with a few friends from church and they did a hayride through Forest Glen which is a big neighborhood.  AR had so much fun running up to all of the houses.  Once she got the hang of it after a couple of houses, she told me to stay back and not come with her this time!  Really?!  When did she get so big??  There were a couple of houses that were "spooky" and one that had thriller music and people dressed up like warewolves and such and the bigger kids were even scared and wouldn't go up there and she went right up to them and laughed at them and said "you look funny!" haha!  Then proceeded to ask where was the candy!  I am telling you that is ALL she cared about was getting the candy!  Ava Kate, of course did not care much about it but to my surprise she was a trooper and hung in there and wasn't too fussy even though it was reaching her bedtime!
We cut things a little short (or actually probably at the perfect time) because while out, we got a call from ADS security!  Really??  When they called I immediately remember going out front and NOT locking the door back.  We set the alarm when we left so apparently a little trick or treater tried opening the door and off went the alarm!  I keep meaning to go look at the video footage but I haven't had time.  I am sure that was not what he/she was expecting!  Thank God everything was ok and it was a false alarm!  I just hate the cops had to come out!
This was actually during the day...
Riley's office had pizza and invited us
to bring the kids.


AK on the left (almost 13 months)
AR on the right (almost 9 months)

We ran into one of my High School friends
and her little girl

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