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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

AR's Cinderella Party

PART 2:  Cinderella arrives!
From the minute Cinderella arrived until she left, Anna Riley didn't leave her side.  She was in complete awe!  Cinderella did made wands and crowns with the girls. She brought the Fairy Godmother with her and she painted faces while the others did the craft. When everyone had their face painted, Cinderella sang to them and told them her story.  

The Fairy Godmother was very talented in her face painting abilities!  She painted around 12 or 13 girls faces in the hour and everyone looked so different.  Cinderella could also sing really well. 

At one point, I went over and ask Anna Riley if she wanted me to help her with her craft and she said "No Mommy, Cinderella is helping me!" haha!  When I took her to potty, she told me that she was having SO much fun!  It makes it all worth it to see the excitement on her face! 
The girls wanted to see her shoes! :)

AK even loved Cinderella!

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Sandahlyn said...

Love the pictures of the girls at the party. So so cute! I know she loved it!