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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hear ye, Hear ye...Princess Anna Riley is turning 3

PART 1: Decorations
Anna Riley's birthday is February 4th, but we had her birthday party on Saturday.  After changing our minds a couple of times, she decided she wanted a Cinderella birthday party and what better year to do it since Cinderella just came back out of the vault! I knew I didn't want to do the character theme so we just did blue, white and silver with a little pink.  

The tables were set up for them to have a "royal meal" which consists of chicken nuggets, fruit and cheese and crackers and then cake, doughnut holes and candy for dessert.   Each girl had a place card and a glass slipper filled with candy at their seat.  

I got the plates and silverware at the Dollar Tree.  

The invitations were done by Peyton at Do It Cute.  

I threw together a quick wreath for the door.  It wasn't the best
but I didn't have anything else and it took less than 10 minutes!

I hung plastic tablecloths from the dollar tree on the ceiling.  I hung lanterns and tissue balls also.  

Bret Summerlin made the cake and did a wonderful job!!

The clock on the entry table 

In the playroom, I had a bed canopy hanging from the ceiling with lanterns and tissue balls hanging in the middle.  This is where Cinderella and all the little princesses spent the first hour of the party.

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