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Friday, January 4, 2013

Year in Review

2012 was really a great year! As, I was writing this post, I couldn't help but stop and think how blessed we are. We are surrounded by family and friends that love us so much.   In 2013, my "goals" are to be more in the moment.  This means spend less time on my phone, on FB and what have you and really focus on my family. I just don't want to take the time I have with them for granted!  I also want to really focus on making sure I am putting HIM first and trusting in him with everything.

 Here is our year in review:

In January, we started the year off with Bama getting their 14th National Championship! Roll Tide! Anna Riley started preschool at St. Mark Methodist 2 days a week. Anna Riley got good news from her one year check at the heart doctor after wearing the holter again. Ava Kate started eating rice cereal and quickly moved on to more yummy food! Ava Kate started going to the nursery at church.  Anna Riley was in her "hairbow phase"  and had to have one it at all times!

February was really somewhat low key.  We started February off with Anna Riley's birthday and Minnie Mouse party.  We enjoyed walks during some of the warm February weather.  We went to Fairhope for Mardi Gras.  

In March, Riley and I went on "kid-free" beach trip to celebrate our friend Courtney's 30th birthday.  We went to see Eric Church in concert.  We also had our house broken into which was unfortunate.  Ava Kate had her baptism and we had our first Easter Egg hunt/party.  

We started April off with our Sunday School egg hunt and the Blue Angels at Aunt Amanda's house. On Easter, we went to Granny Earnest's for her Easter Egg hunt and lunch. Both girls had their first time at the zoo in April and AR especially loved it. She even rode the camel with Daddy! We ended the month with a trip to Fairhope. Riley's two relatives from Seattle got to join us for a couple of days also.  


In May, we started the month with New Baby Sunday at our church. On Mother's Day, we dedicated a statue at the church in memory of Mrs. Cindy.  We ended the month in Destin for Riley's annual conference. 

In June,  Riley and I celebrated our 4th anniversary in Destin on a somewhat work trip while the girls stayed with Granna and PawPaw. When we got back, I took my Granny and Aunt Kat and the girls to Fairhope for a few days.  It was such a great trip!!  We started Potty training Anna Riley and she said Bye bye to diapers this month!  Anna Riley did Swim Lessons at Swim Kids and it wasn't that great of a success.  We celebrated Father's Day in Berry and in Tuscaloosa with Pop Pop. We also had a play date at the small splash pad with Lily Grace and Cooper.  We ended the month with another trip to Fairhope with the Tidmores. 


In July, we celebrated Duncan's baptism and then headed down to Fairhope for the fourth of July with Pop Pop and the Thomas family. I got to have a girls weekend back in Fairhope.  Ava Kate started crawling.

In August, we went to the movies and bowling for the first time.  Anna Riley took swimming lessons with Coach Anne for 4 days and was swimming on her own! Anna Riley started her first day of 2-K at St. Mark. She started going 3 mornings a week.  We made a visit to the Barnyard.

In September, we started the month off in Fairhope with my parents and Riley's Dad.  We cheered on Bama's during their first game there. Anna Riley started Ballet at the Academy of Ballet and Jazz.  She fractured her foot and had to wear a boot for a couple of weeks. We had a lots of yummy food and fun times tailgating (we tailgated mostly at home this year).  The girls enjoyed seeing Big AL at Elephant Appreciation Day at CHOM.  Anna Riley went to her first Bama game and Paw Paw got to go with us. And we ended the month with my ten year class reunion.

In October, our sweet baby girl turned one!!  We had a fun pumpkin patch birthday party to celebrate. I spent a weekend in Atlanta and helped host a baby shower for one of my best friends.  We celebrated Ainslee's birthday at the barnyard.  We spent a weekend in Fairhope and went to the corn maze there.  We went to a Halloween party and also the Punkin Knights carnival.  Anna Riley and I went trick or treating on Sorority Row, we carved a pumpkin and finally we ended the month trick or treating with some of our friends from church.

In November, we had a pretty calm month.  We celebrated with Audrey, Emma and Caroline for an early birthday party We celebrated Thanksgiving with Riley's family the week before and the we went down to Fairhope on Thanksgiving Day with my Parents and Mr. Doug.  It was very nice and relaxing.

December was filled with tons of holiday activities, visits with Santa, cookie decorating party, Daddy's birthday, friends' birthday parties, Christmas programs, School Christmas party, family gatherings.  
AND....Ava Kate took off walking the Sunday before Christmas! :)

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