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Monday, March 4, 2013

Funny things at age 3

Anna Riley is constantly making us laugh with the things she does and says now.  She talks NONSTOP so you never know what is going to come out!!  I wanted to document a few things that she does and has said lately so I won't forget!

She is a social bug...She does not meet a stranger!  When we are at the libary, doctor's office, restaurant, etc. and she sees people she doesn't know, she will ask them their name.

-While at the Mardi Gras parades in Fairhope she went up to a lady that had a nose ring in and said "Hey, what is that in your nose?"  A little embarrassing!

-While waiting in line at a restaurant bathroom and having a conversation with a nice and very proper older lady, she then shouts out "Hey, are they pooping or peeing in that bathroom??"  (also so embarrassing!)

-She loves to sing songs but many times she didn't know the right words so she makes up her own (I might be guilty of this as well!!)

-She told me the other day that I was  so "diculous", I ask her if she meant ticklish and she said "No you are diculous!"...which we found out meant Ridiculous!  I had a conversation with her earlier that day that the playroom was just ridiculous because they had made such a mess!

-The next day she told me I wasn't "diculous" anymore that I was "jealous"...she has heard me say that when she thinks she has to be held when AK is in my lap or something...I have said "are you being jealous?"

-She can be SO sweet it just melts my heart!  She is such a cuddler, too!  Sometimes when we are cuddling, she will give me and Eskimo kiss and she will whisper "Hugga Mugga" (from Daniel tiger) and then if she tells me Thank you for something she will sing the song from Daniel tiger also that says "Thank you...everything you do, thank you!"

-She uses words like awesome and so cool all the time. Or she will say that is so great!  I think Awesome is her favorite to use!

-When getting ready for bed this past Sunday, she laid down and said "This is the best day ever!"...I later remembered that it came from Tangled! haha!

-She loves to sing and dance... when we are in the car sometimes, she will say "Hey, Mommy...turn that music up!"...she gets that from her Daddy!!

-She likes to play Rileys old guitar while she sings the b-i-b-l-e!

I know there are tons more but that is all I can think of now!  I am sure I will need to do these posts quite often.  I just don't want to forget all the funny things she does and says right now.

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