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Sunday, March 10, 2013

17 months

Ava Kate turned 17 months this week!  Her personality is shining through and I love it!  She is growing and changing so much!!

-She wears mostly 18 month clothes, size 4 diaper and between 4 and 5 shoe.

-She is getting better about having a hairbow in but still pulls it out if she notices it.  BUT, she will seriously wear a crown for hours! :)

-She is obsessed with animals!  She LOVES them...I just don't know if they love her!!

-All of her animals sounds sound almost exactly the same...it is pretty funny to hear them!

-She loves to be outside!  

-Now that she is walking (practically running), she hates being in a stroller!  She wants to walk everywhere!

Yes that is tampons!  She goes to get these all the time!
She took the box to Riley the other day! haha!
-She also LOVES books!!  She mostly likes the ones about...you guessed it animals! She also likes the 100 word books that have the real pictures in it.

-She will follow me around all morning when we are trying to get ready with books for me to read.  She will also bring you book after book to read to her and has a few in her bed also!

-She also loves puzzles.

-She can sing part of the blessing.  It is the sweetest thing to hear her singing it too!

-Thank goodness she finally go her appetite back after being sick.  She is a bottomless pit!  We can feed her and by the time she is out of the highchair, she is walking in the pantry to get something!!

-Her favorite snack right now is Graham crackers.  She will bring the box to us all the time.  
-She does NOT like any carbonated drink!  When she was sick with the stomach bug, we tried to give her a little sprite/water mixture and you would have thought it was poison! 

-She is still a great sleeper!  She only really loves her bed though.  When she was sick, I tried to get her to sleep with us so I could keep a better eye on her and that wasn't happening!

-On the days AR has school, she usually takes a little morning nap.  I think she gets bored because she is so used to having a playmate.  She takes about a 3 hour afternoon nap and then goes to bed around 7 or 7:30.  She is usually up around 7:30.

-She giggles all the time and it is the cutest thing.  She also scrunches her nose when she smiles big!!

-She is a dancing queen!!  It doesn't matter what kind of music it is, if she hears any, she is dancing.  I think she is going to love music like her Daddy.  She also danced while in my belly for about 8 months when I did Zumba!

-She thinks she is as big as Anna Riley.  She gets right in there and does what she does.  
You can not give Anna Riley something without giving her something too!

-She and Anna Riley have really been playing so well together right now.  I will hear Anna Riley telling her "oh baby, bless your heart" or "come here sweet baby"...wonder where she hears that! :)

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