Hollyhand House

Monday, March 11, 2013


These two just melt my heart!  I love seeing them interact with each other and play so well together!
Ava Kate looks up to her big sister and tries to do everything she does!  Anna Riley has been really sweet to Ava Kate and a little Mama to her...which also comes with a little bossing around! :)
They fight some and Anna Riley doesnt like her to mess up the things she is playing with but for the most part she is really good and patient with her!

I put this in the last post but when they are playing in the playroom, I often hear things like...
"Oh, sissy bless your heart"  or "Come hear baby".
Anna Riley pretends to feed her and they have tea parties! 
She is protective of her...she told one of our neighbors that walked past AK and made her lose her balance and fall that "She better not push her sissy down ever again!!"