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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Last week, Anna Riley got to play with her friends Audrey, Emma and Caroline three days in a row so she was in heaven!  She loves those girls!! 

Wednesday, we met Mandy and the girls at the library for Storytime.  We really missed storytime during their break in August.  As soon as the girls got there and came to sit by AR, she started waving really big and said "Hi Guys!" 

After storytime, we went to ChickFilA for lunch and more playtime.

These pictures are with my phone so they aren't great!

She LOVES the cow!  As soon as we pull into ChickFilA she starts screaming "Cow, Cow, MOOO."  She would much rather sit on that cow the whole time!

Thursday, I had a doctor's appointment and my usual sitter had class and Riley had a meeting come up last minute so Mandy kept AR for me.  Mandy sent me this picture while I was at the doctor.  They got to make smores for a snack!  She didn't want to come home and cried when we had to leave! 

Friday morning, we went to Bama Bounders (a gymnastics place) for Preschool Playtime.  This was our first time going because you have to be at least 18 months to play.  I tried taking pictures but trying to keep up with her was hard enough.  Ane the ones I took didn't really turn out because I realized my camera was on the wrong setting the whole time!! 

She loved running up and down the long trampoline.

We then met Daddy for lunch at Tazikis...YUM! 

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Candace said...

AR's outfits are precious, and it looks like you guys have been super busy this week!!