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Thursday, May 31, 2012

I think she is ready...

to Potty train!!

I have been waiting for Anna Riley to really show more signs that she was ready to potty train before I started pressing it.  We are now there!  While at the beach, she could tell she had to potty and did not like her swim diaper being wet.  This really kicked it off.  Since being at home, she runs to the bathroom quite often and says she has to "pee pee" or "poo poo" but she it telling me as she is doing it apparently because when I feel her diaper, I can tell she just did it. When she has sat there a minute, she gets up and says "I all done!" She has also been waking up with a pretty dry diaper in the morning and usually request that her diaper be changed after she has pee peed.  She will say "I wet, I wet!!" 
SO...we went and bought some pull-ups and training pants.  The girls and I will be out of town again some next week so I plan to really start the training when we get back.  She seems really excited and she really wants to now! 
I am going to attempt the 7 day method but I am sure it wont be so easy with a baby that needs my attention.  Wish us luck!

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