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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last one!

Friday, Riley only had a half day conference and he got out a little early so he got to spend lots of time with us.  We went to the beach and then after naps we went to the pool. Ava Kate discovered the sand the day before so she wouldn't leave it alone.  She ate quite a bit of sand that day! :)  Anna Riley floated in the ocean with Riley for the longest time!  She really loved the beach and the ocean this year.  She would say "bye, I go to the beach!"  Ava Kate got in the pool for a while this time and really liked it but I don't have any pictures because we each had a kid! She really loves the water!
 We grilled out at the condo that night so that we could stay longer and get everything packed up to go home the next day. 

Ava Kate playing in the sand

Eating a snack once again! :)
Finally got her to wear one of her
two pieces...her Bama swimsuit! :)
She filled it with sand and was trying to
pick it up
Such a strong little girl!! :)
I was a little impressed that she could
carry the bucket full of sand!
Floating with Daddy
Hangning out by the pool
She will swing on anything she can!

Saturday morning, we went to eat breakfast at Another Broken Egg one more time before heading home.  (I can't wait until the one in Tuscaloosa opens up!!)
Ava Kate found some creamer to be a good
alterantive to a paci!

We had a wonderful trip!  It is not always easy with two little ones but the memories we make and seeing how they enjoy it really make it worth it!  I enjoy every trip we take the girls on and I know it will only get more fun each year! 
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