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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More Fall Fun...

This post is a little out of order but we have had lots of fun fall! 
Last Monday, Tuscaloosa Academy, a private school down the street from us was having their annual Punkin' Knights so we walked down with the girls in the wagon.  Anna Riley could have stayed all night but Ava Kate just wanted to get down and crawl and so she was a little fussy.
Sunday night when we got home from Fairhope, we carved one of our many pumpkins.  I will admit, I had told Riley we might just skip the pumpkin carving because I didn't think she would really care but I am glad we ended up doing it.  She was SO excited!  We couldn't find our pumpkin carving knives so we just did the simple jack-o-lantern.  I wish I would have had it on video when we lit him up because we were laughing so hard at her.  Oh the simple things in life! :)
On Monday, Anna Riley had Western Day at school.  The Barnyard came with some of their animals, they did a hayride and had a little pumpkin patch set up for them.  She wasn't in the greatest moods that morning when I tried getting her picture because she wanted to go light up her pumpkin again!
Monday night, I took just Anna Riley to Sorority Row for Trick or Treating.  It was a little more chaotic this year and not to mention cold.  She had fun but we didn't make it to all the houses.
On Tuesday, it was costume day at ballet. So, Anna Riley got to wear her costume to dance. 

This is when she was flipping out over
the pumpkin! :)

Sorority Row Trick-or-Treating

We ran into our friends!

Costume Day at Ballet

Her sweet class with Ms. Tessa

An Unhappy Cowgirl on Western Day

Ready for Punkin Knights

This was her first time to wear her Minnie
costume!  She had to dance around for
a while
My little bug!

Headed to Punkin Knights

Such a serious face but she was having lots of fun!

Playing games and
getting prizes at Punkin Knights

We ran into Riley's cousin, Alex Ross
and her little boy, John-Ross

Riding the pirate ship! She wanted to ride by herself!

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