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Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Weekend

We had a really low key weekend.  My Dad had an unexpected day off on Saturday so he ask if he could come get Anna Riley on Friday and let her spend the night and then he and Mom take her to see Monsters, inc. on Saturday afternoon before bringing her home.  She was so excited and told me numerous times how excited she was! :) I enjoy getting the one on one time with one of the girls!  

 Riley has to work most Saturday mornings right now but he got finished a little early so when I woke up at 8:30 (yes, my sweet AK let me sleep late and she was actually still sleeping), we made plans to meet at Another Broken Egg when I got both of us ready. So excited to have one of these in town! 

Reading books with Daddy Friday night
Waiting on breakfast
Peace and quiet playing with toys
Mom sent me this of AR in the movies! :)

Eating popcorn and watching TV with Daddy
Teaching Mommy some of her ballet warm ups! :)

On Sunday, we went to church and since AK is doing SO much better in the nursery, we got to stay for both Sunday school and the service.  I had really missed Sunday school but it had gotten so hard to be there for 2 hours because she would get so upset.  The girls got bundled up and played outside for a little bit while I got lunch ready.  AK even squealed with excitement!! I guess it really had been that long since we had played outside!  With it being so cold and them being sick, I just haven't let them and they were beyond ready!!

After lunch, the girls were playing in the playroom.  And when I went in, Ava Kate had the potato head lips in her mouth so we had to add the glasses and then of course Anna Riley had to do it too!  Silly girls!

Helping Daddy put together a new tv stand for the playroom

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